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All Welded Hermetically Sealed Harsh Environment Input Devices/Cursor Controls

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Provide high tech cost-effective solutions for man-machine interface control applications to maximize life and survivability at the highest quality standards while minimizing OEM system insertion time, cost and OEM time to market.

Bokam Engineering provides high-performance, ultra-rugged, human-machine interfaces, controllers and systems for critical applications, where equipment down-time is not an option. Bokam supplies standard and custom products that address the needs of customers in military, mining, off-shore exploration, marine, and medical fields. Our products control and help operate manned and unmanned vehicles, robotic platforms, heavy industrial machinery, and medical equipment. Concentrating primarily on applications where harsh environmental conditions are prevalent and high reliability is required, Bokam offers solutions that directly address mission-critical needs of a global array of customers.

Bokam’s wide range COTS, semi-COTS and custom products are based on a unique solid-state technology and patented designs that have tremendous advantages over competing products. Bokam's controls and products provide the longest life, the longest warranties, the longest no-failure rate heritage, and the most modular configurations of any control product on the market today.

Bokam products and integrated systems are designed, fabricated and tested in our state of the art, vertically-integrated manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California USA.

Products include:

  • Multi-axis Force Sensors
  • Military Joysticks and Industrial Joysticks
  • Heavy-duty Trackballs and Mice
  • Operator Control Units and Portable Ground Stations
  • Submersible controls, Joysticks, Mice and Trackballs
  • Pedals and Foot controls
  • Pilot House Controls
  • Vehicle Controls
  • Throttles
  • Winch Controls
  • Joystick and Controls for Medical Equipment
  • Mine Safety-rated Controls and Explosive Environment Controls
  • Ground Control Stations
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  • Joysticks
  • Trackballs & Industrial Mice
  • Pedals
  • Explosive Atmosphere Products
  • Submersible Products
  • Vehicle & Fire Controls
  • OCU & Ground Stations
  • Miniature Controls
  • Remote Controls
  • Force & Position Sensors





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