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Our Capabilities

Engineering & Development Department

With an expertise in sensor, input device, support electronics and systems design, development and manufacture, Bokam excels in taking technology developments and conceptual idea through prototype development and qualification/certification and into full production in the briefest possible time.

Our Research and Development Engineering Group possess the latest computer-aided design and analysis tools necessary to meet your design, test, certification, project management and documentation requirements.

Extensive Experience

  • Uniquely innovative capabilities in Electro-mechanical sensor, instrumentation and related precision mechanisms design and development
  • Design of analog and digital signal conditioning electronics to process sensor output to match system input requirements
  • Firmware development and microprocessor based design capabilities
  • Full engineering and qualification/certification test plan development, documentation and project review support expertise
  • Extensive experience in managing aerospace and military development programs that meet the toughest documentation and project management requirements based on the latest in TQM and CPM techniques

Manufacturing Facilities

Bokam currently has complete vertically integrated manufacturing facilities with the latest in both CNC and PCNC manufacturing equipment.

  • Fully equipped facilities dedicated to Total Quality Management and Continuous Process Improvement for both small and medium production volumes
  • Automated process control and process flow equipment and tooling
  • Our quality system is based on AS9000 and ISO9002 requirements and has been approved certified by such companies as Boeing Human Space Flight, General Electric Aircraft Engines, Philips Medical and many more
  • Complete Acceptance testing inspection and certification capability

The Bokam Advantage: Unique Technology

  • Bokam has developed unique technology and manufacturing processes that permit our product's performance, reliability and life to be superior to any other similar products on the market today
  • Bokams technology is universal enough that it can be adapted to suit specific instrumentation and input device needs without extensive development with applications in a vast range of challenging fields
  • Sensors designed for vastly different fields allow for an endless cross-pollination of conceptual ideas

System Approach: Unique Technology

  • We believe that system requirements are paramount. That is why our products are design to seamlessly interface into the OEM system
  • Our in-depth knowledge of both mechanical and electronics design, enables us to develop innovative solutions and to speak to our customer's from the system prospective rather than from the component prospective

Proven On-Going Success

  • Bokam has provided and continues to provide innovative solutions to tough problems
  • Bokams extensive experience and expertise is well documented by a wide range of fields and customers
  • We deliver on our promises, on time and within budget
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