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OCUs for Unmanned Vehicles

As a manufacturing firm serving military verticals, Bokam helps facilitate the growing use of unmanned vehicles in our nation’s defense network. Bokam offers the industry’s first completely Universal Operator Control Unit and a wide range of Universal Ground Control Station Components. The Universal OCUs operate either on Windows or Linux-based OS and are control software agnostic, with an ergonomic shape and a plethora of input devices, that can be configured to run virtually any robotic system or vehicle (UAV/UGV/ROV). The Universal OCUs are configurable and come with a wide range of mission critical features including hot swappable power management, secured data storage, and a radio agnostic communication interface. 

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Full Quad-core processor on board
  • Various OS versions available
  • Ergonomic configurations
  • Various screen sizes and touch screen options available
  • Various I/O’s and mountable interfaces

We Build Ground Control Station Components for UAVs

Bokam’s ground control station products an exceptional solution for optimal unmanned vehicle operations. The universal ground station product line offers a wide range of joysticks, pedals, throttles, and other man-machine devices and hubs that all work together to allow for one stop instrumentation of an entire ground control station room or simulator.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • All devices are programmable and re-programmable
  • Built-In-Test and Redundant outputs available
  • Ground control station components available with motorized interfaces that allow for simulation of vehicle control in a remote-control room or station

Bokam has one of the best control solutions for unmanned vehicles. Our ground station controls and universal OCUs offer a level of performance that can always be trusted. Contact us to learn more about our military-grade man-machine interface products. Our Ground Station Control Products Include:

Universal Operator Control Unit

Universal Operator Control Unit
Universal Operator Control Unit
Universal Operator Control Unit
Universal Operator Control Unit
  • Fully integrated Universal Operator Control Unit fully developed, tested, and qualified for a wide range of military and paramilitary operations and multiple vehicle/robotic controls
  • Meets all requirements of a vehicle agnostic Universal Operator Control Unit

Computing Solution:

  • Intel Quad-core Intel Celeron Processor can run even the most processor intensive command and control software at a faction of CPU with Internal SSD in various sizes available
  • Removable SD card data storage for sensitive information and data storage
  • Cyber security scrubbed Windows OS or Linux

Functions and Interfaces:

  • Both 5” and 7” screen packages available
  • Game style packaging and input device location for ergonomic feel and ease of use
  • Light weight configuration
  • Universal interface and mounting for all radio interfaces
  • Dimmable Screen
  • Touch screen options available
  • Speaker and microphone on face
  • Dual hot swappable batteries (unit can operate on single battery at a time for light weight ops) - automatic or manually initiated swaps
  • LED indicator provides battery status
  • LED indicators provide COM status and battery status
  • Extended Temp range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Environmentally tested (including drop test) per Mil standards
  • Input devices include:
    • Four programmable joysticks
    • Two re-programmable D-pads/joystick/button input devices
    • Four proportional re-programmable triggers
    • Three face mounted push buttons
  • Interfaces include:
    • USB
    • Ethernet (qty 2)
    • VGA for external Screen
    • Power - to operate OCU while charging batteries
    • Headphones



Bokam Joysticks are based on Bokam solid state sensor technology and provide both position and force proportional man-machine interfaces. The joystick range in size from miniature single and multi-axis thumb controls to large multi axis multi-channel hand and palm operated joysticks. The devices come with either stand alone or embedded electronics and provide a wide range of system interfaces and options, as well as multi-channel redundancy and Built-In-Test outputs



Various configurations of pedals available with flight pedal configurations and single vehicle pedal configurations available for driver and control by wire applications. All pedals are based on solid state sensor technology with application adjustable reaction force and travel. Internal sealed electronic compartment contains a wide range of system interface and optional outputs. Some pedals come with multiple output channels with redundant proportional and switching outputs.V

Yokes and Inceptors

Mounted-dismounted OCU and other grip features and options
Mounted-dismounted OCU and other grip features and options
Mounted-dismounted OCU and other grip features and options
Mounted-dismounted OCU and other grip features and options

Bokam offers a unique drive by wire yoke and steering system range of products. The devices are based on a wide range of solid state and optical sensors multi-channel drive by wire control interface. All devices are programmable and offer multiple channels of redundancy per axis. Azimuth only and Azimuth/Elevation controls are available for one and two axis vehicle and turret controls. The yokes come in a wide range of user feedback configurations that include mechanical and dampened return to zero options or motorized return to zero options that have system feed back and external control capabilities. The yokes and Inceptors can also be provided as part of the mounted/dismounted system that can work with a Bokam provided Universal OCU to allow for the control of the vehicle from within the vehicle and from a dismounted position.

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