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Company Profile

Mission Statement

Provide high tech cost-effective solutions for manmachine interface control applications to maximize life and survivability at the highest quality standards while minimizing OEM system insertion time, cost and OEM time to market.

Company Background

Dr. Boris Kamentser founded Bokam Engineering in 1980 as a consulting firm to meet the needs of customers who required state-of-the art technology development and product line insertions not yet available. Rapidly expanding beyond its initial charter, the company became a leader in high-tech sensor development, fostering the creation of unique product lines that have continuously expanded to include applications in all major sensor and instrumentation fields. Far beyond consulting services, Bokams engineering staff has developed product lines and product line additions that have dramatically increased our customer's marketability and annual sales by providing innovations and innovative solutions and products.

In the mid-'90s Bokam started to expand its charter as a technology and product development think tank to include state of the art manufacturing and standard and custom product line offerings. Bokams capabilities now included the ability to manage the development of a product from conceptual inception all the way through OEM production.

This natural expansion into a manufacturing-based company had allowed Bokam to offer its unique technology and products directly to OEM's by offering them both standard and customized sensors and input devices utilizing Bokams award-winning technology and unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our staff has been specifically chosen both for their creative energy and their development and problem-solving skills. We offer you top-grade scientists, engineers, technicians and manufacturing staff who confidently meet any challenge and have received the highest accolades from our customers. Currently, Bokam is expanding its product line offering once again.

We have created and are now marketing an entire line of standard off-the-shelf input devices and sensors. These products combine Bokam's unique technology developed and tested in military, medical and commercial fields into standard products to be used in a wide range of fields and applications from industrial, military, and medical to aerospace.

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