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Industrial and Medical Input Devices and Joysticks

M&I Joystick

  • ♦ Solid Steel Based Force Sensor forms basic input measurement
  • ♦ Available in Force Proportional or Position Proportional (moving or stiff stick) configurations in the same interface package
  • ♦ Various standard and customer specific electrical interface options available (eg: Analog, CAN, USB, etc)
  • ♦ Qualification tested for harsh environments based on both Mil-Spec and automotive environmental requirements
  • ♦ Rated to 10,000,000 + cycles

System Embedded Multi Axis Input Devices

  • ♦ Winner of various design and innovation awards
  • ♦ Multi-axis force proportional device usable for man-machine interface and force measurement
  • ♦ Solid state construction that can be used in both force proportional or position proportional configurations
  • ♦ Input force is resolved into X, Y (and Z ) component vector
  • ♦ Long Life and superior stability with 10billion operational cycles with no change in performance
  • ♦ Signal conditioning electronics available in various standard programmable packages provide a wide range of usable outputs

DS-Series Joysticks

  • ♦ Miniature solid state joysticks with position proportional movable post
  • ♦ Available in two axis with or without additional inputs in the post
  • ♦ Packaged with either internal or external signal conditioning electronics
  • ♦ Fully re-programmable electronics allow for variation of outputs types and usability.
  • ♦ Standard outputs available in USB Cursor, USB Game, or analog outputs

Product specifications, interface drawings, and application notes for all products listed are available from your local sales representative or directly from the factory.

High Precision Miniature Input Ball

  • ♦ Solid State two axis roller ball replacement
  • ♦ High sensitivity proportional control and output
  • ♦ No moving, rolling or rubbing parts mean no ware or cleaning requirements
  • ♦ Various sensitivities available
  • ♦ Embedded USB signal conditioning electronics provide both USB cursor and USB game outputs
  • ♦ Available with other standard and customer specific interface and output signals
  • ♦ Stand alone or panel mounted packages

Solid State Ball Mouse

  • ♦ Fully integrated solid state roller ball mouse provides cursor control like roller ball but without rolling or moving parts that wear or are susceptible to contamination.
  • ♦ Ball element is sensitive to the movement of the finger around the ball.
  • ♦ Right and Left mouse click under the bar
  • ♦ All solid state construction immune to contamination, debris or water
  • ♦ USB cursor control or game style control options available
  • ♦ All anodized aluminum construction
  • ♦ Life rating for 10billion life cycles min

Miniature Sealed Input Devices

  • ♦ Proportional two axis solid state input device
  • ♦ O-ring sealed well mount or flange mount interface
  • ♦ Fully Submersible
  • ♦ Solid stainless steel interior force sensor
  • ♦ External electronics available to convert signal to various proportional and non proportional interface controls
  • ♦ Force or position proportional interface options available

Custom configurations and interfaces are available upon request. Most Design configurations can be modified to have customer specified mechanical and/or electrical interfaces to suit system requirements.





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